Tom's Favourites

Tom's Favourite Models

Index to Tom's Favourite Models, for sale from this page. The ones which he kept in a separate box, .

1956 Corvette Convertible in Black witih Red Trim

Red and White 1957 Ford Liberty Classic Limited Edition

Sam Walton's 1979 Ford "Road to Success" Truck

1957 Corvette Convertible Maroon with White Trim and Interior

A Unigue Little Red Roadster (Surprise!)

2001 black Chevrolet Impala by Welly

IH 500 Case Vintage Diesel Orange Tractor 1/43 scale

A Few More to Come...


Black with Red Trim 1956 Corvette Convertible -view from driver's side
Red-White 1957 Ford Liberty Classic - Limited Edition (from driver's side)
Hot Wheels Sam Walton 1979 Ford -Road to Success for WalMart

Maroon white trim 1957 Corvette convertible drive side with an Excellent through Quality tag
Red Roadter - SS 302-4 scale 1-38
2001 black Chevrolet Impala - view from driver's side

IH 500 Case Diesel vintage orange tractor left side

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