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The layout of this site is quite simple; the STORE pages (Shopping Cart) for various categories and sub-categories, some get-acquainted articles, and about diecast models, etc., and a means of contacting me, the owner are all on the first level. The Shop is the next level (or folder) and all the model categories are there, with sub-categories for some such as the Farm Equipment because there are large numbers by various brand names such as Case, IH, or John Deere, etc.

Each model has a detailed product page with photos and descriptions, etc., and then also a link back to the right STORE page, where you may actually BUY that model securely.


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STORES - by Categories

STORE(with Links to the Shop pages for the various Categories, which are also the STORE pages for Buying models from each Category.

Collectors' Hangers STORE

Johnny Lightning Hangers STORE


Farm Equipment STORE
(Will have sub-categories: Case, IH, John Deere, Massey Ferguson & Misc.)

Case (farm machinery) models
IH (farm equipment) models



[More STORE pages will be added as more products are prepared and set up. This is a +long-term project!]

Then there is the "Shop" level with individual information and sales pages for each model offered up for sale. There are 9 main categories, and then there are some with some sub-categories because there are so many models. At present it is the Farm Equipment category that has the most sub-categories. (I haven't started to unpack the cars and trucks yet, but suspect that those will need to be divided up into some sub-categories. (I do recall packing a lot of Corvettes and Mustangs, but there were other cars as well. Plus quite a variety of big semi-trucks!)


Where you will find a page of details, photos, etc. on each model.

Shop (links to browse through many product categories and their details)

Collectors' Hangers (Dub City, Hotwheels, Greenlight, Maisto, & Matchbox)

Collectors' Hangers (Johnny Lightning only!)

Tom's Favourites! (will likely soon be snapped up!)

Farm Equipment (the main Brand names shown directly below)


    :IH (International Harvester)

    :JD (John Deere)

    :MF (Massey Ferguson, & Misc.)

Promotional Models (with Brand Advertising on side panels)

Toys - Unboxed Models at Lower Prices


If a model that you have been considering... is suddenly marked "SOLD" it means that was the last or only one I found in Tom's Collections. But there should be a link on that page to let me know that you would be interested in buying it if I can arrange to get more from the factory. In that form you can let me know what colour or other features you would like to see with it, and what you think would be a fair price for it. The more such feedback I get the more I'll be motivated to work at getting such arrangements made. If you leave your name, email, and/or phone number I can let you know when it happens.

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