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If a model that you have been considering... is suddenly marked "SOLD" it means that was the last or only one I found in Tom's Collections. But there should be a link on that page to let me know that you would be interested in buying it if I can arrange to get more from the factory. In that form you can let me know what colour or other features you would like to see with it, and what you think would be a fair price for it. The more such feedback I get the more I'll be motivated to work at getting such arrangements made. If you leave your name, email, and/or phone number I can let you know when it happens.

Just go to the Let's Connect form and in the Message box, please enter your name and best contact information, and also a good description of the model(s) you would like me to order from the factory and continue to sell from this site. If at all possible paste in the link(s) to the page where you saw that model. That will help me to make sure I correctly identify the model(s) you are interested in.

If you would be so kind, put a checkmark (or a big X) in the checkbox after "Order MORE Please." That will help me to sort your message into the right folder. I will send you a confirmation message when I set up such an order/orders, and notify you when they are ready for you to come back to purchase.

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