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About and Why "diecastmodels-inheritance.com"

This shopping site is dedicated to my brother Tom E. Friesen. It was his dying wish, and he reminded me from time to time, that I was to sell his collections of diecast models and to see that his two daughters got this as their inheritance.

Tom knew that I've always been The Responsible One If I once commit to doing something - I see it through! Even though this experience has already brought me through a HUGE learning curve, I am still resolved to complete this promise to Tom. In fact, if the models sell well, and where there is real interest I may switch to drop-shipping for the models that show some demand.

What is drop-shipping? That means making arrangements with the factories that produce these models to receive the orders as fast as they come to me, and they will ship the models directly to my customers for me. I understand that can sometimes take 6 weeks or more, but if your heart is set on a certain model, that is better than finding it not available anywhere at all! Right?

My Learning Curve

Unfortunately, setting this site up as a WordPress site with eCommerce plugins did not work out. I had many technical troubles, and I believe I had some efforts of hackers to break in and mess it all up. So I took down the 215 models I had posted and I started over on a static site. Like I learned to do back in 1999 and the early 2000s. I knew this would take a while, and eventually I'd have to connect it to a shopping cart.

Well, I started looking for one at the beginning of 2022, and finally decided that since this is going to be a huge site yet - when I get around 2000 models up - I should go with an Open Source sytem. Sure, there would be a learning curve... but I'm not afraid to work, nor of learning new skills. However, the techinical problems have persisted until I'm quite weary of them! I think I've found another way, that will cost some each month, but then I can count on some smart tech people in the background.

Even so, it is going to take some years before I get all these models photographed, researched and written up - then connecting each one to the shopping cart, should be the quickest and easiest step. At long last!

I do take time to research each item before I post it - which is also time-consuming. But I am committed to staying with this for the long haul.

Once the site is functional, I'd like to offer a list of about 2000 items in my brother Tom's collection to those who will subscribe to my mailing list for updates. This way you can see what kind of models are yet to appear here. The emails will notify you when a number of new items are posted and ready for you to look over and hopefully - to buy!

The banner at the top of this page shows what categories I have already prepared, with photos and researched their background, so these models will go up quickly in the next while. Much faster than the first time, I trust! Then I will start adding the larger cars, trucks, and farm machinery.

Tom used to be a farm machinery mechanic, so those items were his first love. But once he understood more about collecting, he got into a variety of categories, such as larger scale cars and semi-trucks, and tanker trucks for large-shipments.

If you have questions, etc., please use the Let's Connect Form to do so. *

Once I've worked out time/space in my routines to start the newsletter, you will find a link to subscribe on pretty well every page.

If you should get lost on this site as it grows and grows . . . here's my tip: Go to the BOTTOM of any page you are on, and look for the link to the sitemap in my Business Card. That Sitemap has a link to each main page, and the index to each category and sub-category of products.

Ruth Marlene Friesen

Ruth Marlene Friesen
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