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This is the main STORE-FRONT page on this site. Here are the starting categories of diecasts models. Each has a separate Store page on this site. However, where ever you find a model, there should also be a "Buy Now" button - which will take you quickly to the Checkout area. If you already know you may buy several models from a certain category, you might be wise to head to these complete category STORE page, so you have them all close together.

When I have models ready in a NEW category, it will show up on this STORE-FRONT index page first - Or, one of the Category STORE pages, listed below. The best place to discover a new category!

Click on the category image to explore and shop around all the models currently in that category.

Ready to BUY? Click on "STORE" under the Category image. Or, under any model you find in the Shop pages. (Those are the pages with the most detailed information on each model).

Speaking of Buying, paying, or shipping; please go look over my Shipping-n-Payments page for information on shipping options which could save you considerable amounts. Almost like "Buy More than One and get the 2nd and 3rd one shipped for FREE!

Other STORE Pages

Collectors' Hangers

Collectors' STORE This Store has products for Sale!

Johnny Lightning Hangers

[Also Collector's Hangers, but ONLY Johnny Lightning brand]
Johnny Lightning STORE This Store has many products for Sale already!


[Tom's Most Favourite Models]
Favs STORE (More Products to be added!)

Farm Equipment

[This Category has separate sections for various Brands: Case, Ford, IH, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Misc]
Case Models! and
Ford Models
IH-STORE (International Harvester models.)
John Deere Models
Massey Ferguson Models

Misc. Brand Models


[Promotional Models]
Promo STORE (A few items are available).


[Unboxed or Used Models]
Toys STORE (a few models are ready to Buy here!)

Condensed Shipping Options!

(Choose 2 - 3 models at once to reduce shipping!)
Put models you want into your Cart; at checkout make sure you are not charged for shipping on each model - if they qualify for one of these Options.

(Smallest Boxes)
to Canadian address: C-1 = 1 item/box; C-2 = 2 items/box; C-3 = 3 items/box.
to USA address: U-1 = 1 item/box; U-2 = 2 items/box; U-3 = 3 items/box
to International address: I-1 = 1 item/box; I-2 = 2 items/box; I-3 = 3 items/box (2nd size box)

(2nd Size Boxes)
to Canadian address: C-i = 1 item/box; C-ii = 2 items/box; C-iii = 3 items/box.
to USA address: U-i = 1 item/box; U-ii = 2 items/box; U-iii = 3 items/box
to International addresss: I-i = 1 item/box; I-ii = 2 items/box; I-iii = 3 items/box (some smaller items)

[See Shipping n Payments page for Full details on Options. You may wish to see the page of photos where I show these arrangements with the real models and shipping boxes.]

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