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This shopping site is dedicated to my brother Tom E. Friesen. It was his dying wish, and he reminded me from time to time that I was to sell his collections of diecast models and to see that his two daughters got this as their inheritance.

What Exactly are Diecast Models?

In the world of toys and collectibles, diecast models, in a number of scales (sizes) have keen collectors among adults and kids who love their models and are always glad to add more models.

Diecast models have come through a number of stages from the ones that were formed out of a lump of plastic or metal, to the current stage where they are often made with tremendous attention to detail inside and out of the cars, trucks, farm machinery, etc. Now they are made of an alloy of zinc and aluminum known as zamak, which is cheaper to produce, and a lot easier to work with in great detail, with tiny but exact-looking engines, car doors that open and close, and very realistic wheels with real rubber.

Some collect models because they remember driving such a vehicle, or doing their farm work with a certain older tractor model. Younger children, of course, will play with anything that can be made to move on the carpet or in the sandbox.

My brother Tom, sometimes bought a certain model of car as a gift to a couple because he knew they had been dating in just such a car and became engaged in that car. He expected that model to have some sentimental value for them.

Later, I think, he started buying up Mustangs and Corvettes because he would have loved to have owned them when he was still able to drive.

Categories of Models

Category index pages will show up here, when ready, and Individual sales pages are coming up again now, for these models... but here is what to expect. This is the catalogue by categories part of this website.

Collector's Hangers

Tom almost papered the walls of his apartment with these small collector models in sealed hangers. He liked the Johnny Lightning models best, and had MANY! So they get a separate index. The other brands of Collector's Hangers are found right here; Dub-City, Hotwheels, Matchbox, Greenlight, Maisto, for starters.

Johnny Lightning Collections

This is where the Johnny Lightning Collectors' models are gathered. (Mind you, I think there are more that I haven't discovered and unpacked yet!)

Tom's Favourites

These are models that he referred to as his Favourites. Again, mostly they are unboxed, so they will have lower prices than the boxed or closed packaged models.

Farm Equipment

Because Tom was a trained farm machinery mechanic before he ended up in a wheelchair, he was especially keen to collect these models. At that time he didn't know yet that collectors prefer to have the models in their original packaging. So in a sense these also fall in the Toys category, but these do make up quite a large number of models.

Toys - Unboxed

These are the loose models and sometimes appearing more used than most of the models, so I am classifying them as TOYS, and marking them down quite low.

Win Ross & Promotional

These were special tanker trucks with custom logos made for certain companies when they were celebrating special events and wanted to sell branded models totheir customers, or give them as special awards to their best employees. Because they were often limited editions they have become prize collector's items. Tom had just a few of them.

More Categories to Come! - We shall get to boxed muscle cars of a larger scale, (some in plexiglass cases). Watch for lots of Mustangs and Corvettes, in various colours and years. Also some big - really big trucks and tanker trucks!

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