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This shopping site is dedicated to my brother Tom E. Friesen. It was his dying wish, and he reminded me from time to time, that I was to sell his collections of diecast models and to see that his two daughters got this as their inheritance.

Unfortunately, setting this site up as a WordPress site with eCommerce plugins has not worked. I have had many technical details, and I believe some efforts of hackers to break in and mess it all up. So I've taken down the 215 models I had posted and I'm starting over on a static site. This may take a while until I get my production process up to speed and can go a little faster.

I also take time to research each item before I post it - which is also time-consuming. But I am committed to staying with this for the long haul.

Once the site is functional, I'd like to offer my list of about 2000 items in my brother Tom's collection to those who will subscribe to my mailing list for updates. This way you can see what kind of models are yet to appear here. The emails will notify you when a number of new items are posted and ready for you to look over and hopefully - to buy!

The banner at the top of this page shows what categories I had already prepared, with photos and researched their background, so these models will go up quickly in the next while. Much faster than the first time, I trust! Then I will start adding the larger cars, trucks, and farm machinery.

Tom used to be a farm machinery mechanic, so those items were his first love But once he understood more about collecting, he got into a variety of categories.

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