DiecastModels-Inheritance has collector's models, farm equipment, memorbilia, unboxed toys and tanker trucks

Terms and Conditions

This site, diecastmodels-inheritance.com is a property of Bouquet of Enterprises Ltd, and operated by the solo owner, Ruth Marlene Friesen. Bouquet of Enterprises Ltd is registered as a business in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada.

I operate this business out of my home at 903 23rd Street West, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. S7L 0A5, and am governed by the laws of Saskatchewan, Canada. All legal conflicts would have to be resolved here.

This particular site was inspired by a plea from my brother, Tom Friesen, that I sell his collection of diecast models and give the profits (minus my expenses) to his two estranged daughters. I promised to do my best, but I knew it would involve a huge learning curve in eCommerce. The journey is only begun, but already I've had many opportunitiess to prove my reputation as "The Responsible One!"

The copyright for the website, sales pages, photos, etc., are created by myself, and belongs to me, the owner, Ruth Marlene Friesen, effective to some degree from 2021.

Requirements for using the store:

Customers may register an account to shop at this site, but that is not required. What is required is polite and agreeable behaviour and communication with myself or any employees. If a customer or website visitor shows violent and disagreeable behaviour, I reserve the right to refuse to do business with that person, even to deleting their account, or blocking them.

It is not legal to allow a child under the age of 13 use this website as a buyer without adult supervision. If I become aware of a child trying to buy on their own, I will have to cancel their purchase.

Legal Limitations

The products were not originally chosen by me, so what I know about them, is only what I discover when I do research; they are offered "as is." I cannot promise that the products will always meet your expectations, (although I can assure you that what you see in the photos is what you get).

I have written/keyed many webpages and also tried to be consistent and professional, but I am human and typos can happen. I may also not have fully understood the details I found when researching the models, so I hope you can overlook the odd errors and typos.

I'm working out a safe and protective shipping plan, so that damage in transist while your purchases are on the way to you is possible, though I sincerely hope quite unlikely. If you can show that the damage happened during shipping and handling, I will only be liable for the cost of the item and the shipping.

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