DiecastModels-Inheritance has collector's models, farm equipment, memorbilia, unboxed toys and tanker trucks

Returns Policy

In Canada, businesses are not obligated to accept the return of purchased items unless they are defective. Since in my case, my brother Tom only collected one - or at the most two, or very occassionally three copies of any particular model, so if you find yourself unhappy with the model you have purchased, the chance that I could replace it with a better copy of that same model is about nil. None. (I also point out in the descriptions if an item has any signs of wear or imperfections. Please do read the descriptions).

To Return a Purchase for Exchange or Refund

If you simply refuse to have it (or try to sell it or give it away), you may send it back to me at your own expense. I can open the related sales page up again for another sale.

You might wish to exchange it for another model at the same price, but you would be wise to notify me of your choice, and get the first model back on its way to me, so I can put a hold on that next choice before some other customer buys it. However, to avoid such a gesture being used to tie up my business, I would only keep that second choice reserved for a maximum of 15 shipping days. Then I would have to conclude that you had lost interest and I would offer it to the general public again.

If you choose to only request a refund, you will still need to send the rejected model back to me first, and wait until I receive it before I issue the refund.

Models NOT Returnable

The models in the Toys category are mostly unboxed, and often already used, or played with; that is why I price them extra low, for they will not appeal to collectors. Therefore, these models are NOT returnable.

How to Make Your Request

To initiate conversation with me about a Return or Refund please use the let's Connect form. (If it is necessary we can continue by phone to speed things up.)

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