Maroon white trim 1957 Corvette convertible drive side with an Excellent through Quality tag

1957 Corvette Convertible in Maroon
with White Trim & Interior

The maroon Corvette convertible of 1957 was something of a hit in the 1950s after Chevrolet made the first one in 1953. You can still see the occasional vintage red with white trim and interior Corvette from '57 for sale, but they can run up to $88,000 or more.

Only 300 were made in 1953, and all were in polo white with a black convertible top, and a red interior. The Corvette has gone through many changes in the years since then, but the models of the 1950s were the first Sports models ever, and therefore quickly noticed and remembered!

Because they were pampered - and usually not used for ordinary, every day use, the Corvettes have endured fairly well and become a great collector's car - often by the same men who bought them in the 1950s, and now collect their models in their retirement years.

More Collector Triva

Just how richly priced are such collector Corvettes? Well, one from 1955 sold for $113,000. Another Corvette, nicknamed "Fuelie" from 1957, sold for $129,200. There was one called Z06 or "Big Tank" in 1963, that went to $209,700.

But then the prices began to climb! A 1953 Corvette sold for $300,000, and the L88 of 1969 went for $478,000, and a 1967 L-88 was a $1 million catch for someone well-off. Then, a 1969 ZL1 went up to $1,400,000! But wait, the prize has to go to a 1963 Grand Sport that sold for some vague number between 6 to 8 million! 

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My brother Tom had not only this maroon and white model of 1957, but a also a black and red one from 1956. (See that one nearby). This is a 1:24 scale model made by Sunnyside Ltd.

It is harder to find other models like this. Some models by the Franklin Mint are for sale on eBay, but in teal and white or blue, and those are not all in 1:24 scale. That may mean that the collectors have gathered up most of the available models already.

Do you notice that the decor on the white swoosh along the side, and also on the trunk lid indicate that this model had a Fuel Injection motor? I understand that only a limited number of Corvettes were made with this feature. Sorry, I don't know why. But something to research.

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10.4 oz. X 18 cm long X 7.5 cm. wide X 5 cm high.

Maroon white trim 1957 Corvette convertible
with driver door open Interior view Maroon 1957 Corvette Convertible with white trim -
with Sunnyside Ltd Manufacturer' tag
Maroon 1957 Corvette convertible with white trim -
driver's side view Maroon 1957 Corvette Convertible with white trim - Excellent through Quality - tag;
passenger side view
Maroon 1957 Corvette Convertible with white trim - view of front hood and windshield Maroon 1957 Corvette Convertible with white trim, view from rear and the interior

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