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Red-White 1957 Ford Liberty Classic - Limited Edition (from driver's side)

Red and White 1957 Ford Liberty Classic
Limited Edition

This red and white 1957 Ford Liberty Classic, a Limited Edition - (with a golden key attached underneath) must be fairly rare. I cannot find an exact replica online. The ones that are most similar seem to be banks. This model is not a coin bank.

It does seem odd that what should be windows along the sides and back of the wagon portion are painted white.

So far I have not guessed what the small golden key that is attached to the underside of this model is for. But it must be there for a reason.

Tom often bought models because they reminded him of a vehicle that he or others he knew had such a vehicle. Unfortunately, I don't know the story of the reasons he purchased this model.

I know collectors like to see a model in the original packaging. Tom classified it as one of his Favs. Since I don't have that packaging for this 1957 Ford Liberty Classic, I am also treating this as an unboxed Toy. However, I suspect that just because it seems quite rare, some collector may find this valuable and worth adding to their own Collections.

I'm selling it as a used toy for $10 plus shipping, although I suspect it may be worth quite a bit more.

Price: $10.00 ~~ in Stock: 1

13.4 oz X 19 cm long X 7 cm wide X 5.r=5 cm high.

Red-White 1957 Ford Liberty Classic with a Gold Key beneath
Red-White 1957 Ford Liberty Classic - view from passenger side
Red-White 1957 Ford Liberty Classic - view from rear

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