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two 1990 Ford Pickups F250s (parallel view 2)

Two 1990 Ford Pickups F250 1/64 Scale

One Pickup in Teal with Silver Stripes on sides; one in beige with green stripes on sides The one difference I see is that the teal/silver Ford has a hole in the truck box, which I assume is for inserting the post of a long trailer for greater strength to tow it. The beige and green truck does not have that hole in the box.

The beige/green pickup has engraved under the body the number 1623, whereas the teal/silver pickup has the number 2760U engraved underneath, otherwise they are identical in size, and every other appearance.

This beige/green pickup can also be purchased with the 1992 Roy Lee Baker farm wagon in the Promo category. Check it out here: 1992-Roy-Lee-Baker-Company-WITH-1990-Ford-Pickup-F250

Together Price: Two trucks for $25.00 Cdn ~ in Stock: 2

Each Truck: 1.8 oz. 9 cm long X 4 cm wide X 3.5 cm; 3.5 in ​long X 1.5 in​ wide X /1 in high

Just One Truck? Price: $15.00/ea Cdn ~ in Stock: 2

Which is the truck of your choice?
Teal-n-Silver Ford Pickup F250:

Beige-n-Green Ford Pickup F250:

1990 Ford Pickup F250 teal with silver sides
1990 Ford Pickup F250 beige/green (front view)
1990 Ford pickup F250 teal with silver sides viewed from above
1990 Ford Pickup F250 beige/green (right-reaar-view)
1990 Ford Pickup F250 teal with silver sides (left view)
1990-Ford Pickup F250 beige/green (right-side-closeup)

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