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front view of a red Ford F100 1956 pickup truck by Road Signature

Red Ford F100 1953 Pickup by Road Signature

The unboxed little red Ford is a 1953 F100 Pickup truck by Road Signature in the 1:43 scale. This pickup is all sealed; that is nothing opens up. However, it does have quite a bit of detail both inside and out. (It does appear a little odd that the hubcaps are painted red).)

The Ford is 4 cm wide and 11 cm long (or 4.5 in long), and is mostly made of diecast metal, but has some plastic parts, such as the fenders and front grill, and the tires of course. The base of the truck box is made of textured wood-grain material.

If you search online it is easy to find this model on eBay, Amazon, Target, etc., selling with display box for anywhere from $42.83 to $11.16.

I suspect that my brother Tom drove such a truck when he was working as a teen, as a farm hand, fresh out of public school.

Price: $5.00 ~~ in Stock: 1

3.6 oz X 11.5 cm long X 4.5 cm wide X 4 cm high.

front view of a red Ford F100 1956 pickup truck by Road Signature
red Ford F100 pickup 1953 by Road Signature - passenger side
red Ford F100 1953 pickup truck by Road Signature - passenger side b
red Ford F100 1953 pickup truck by Road Signature - view from above rear

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