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miniature 1910 Ford Model T in green/gold

Miniature 1910 Ford Model T in Green/Gold

This miniature 1910 Ford Model T in green/gold colours is probably the smallest model my brother had in his collections. It is barely 2.5 inches long, and 1.25 inches wide. It weighs a bare, .6 oz.

I found a site where the writer thinks it could be 1/77 scale or up to 1/66 scale.

My research has only turned up a few copies, and they all have a tan or gold/beige canopy roof. This model does not have the canopy but it does appear to have hooks on the sides and rear so one could have been attached at one time.

It seems the Readers' Digest issued such a model at one time (perhaps to honour Henry Ford, the inventor?) and those models do look just like this one but with the canopy. However, they may not all have been made at one time. This model has embossed on the bottom "No.304 Made in Hong Kong" While a couple of the ones online that show the base of the model, have the following embossed on underneath, "No.306 (c)" [the copyright symbol] and "Made in China." eBay has a few of these for sale, and most of them have the original box too.

Just discovered on the "Planet Diecast" forum that Reader's Digest had a book club. They sent the members these miniatures of vintage car models, and a Rolls Royce seems to have been the first one. Also, the models with numbers 301-306 were made in Hong Kong, then the production shifted to mainland China.

I find no evidence that they are still made, so whatever you get of these miniature models may be the only ones left.

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.6 oz. & 6.5 cm long (2.5 in) X 3 cm wide (1.25 in) X 2.5 cm high (1 in)
miniature Ford Model T in gold and green
green and gold open Ford Model T carriage
Ford Model T (miniature) photo from above
green-gold open Carriage - Ford Model T (right side)

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