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Maisto Red Dodge Ram Pickup Truck on black platform

Maisto Red Dodge Ram
Pickup Truck

This handsome, flawless red Dodge Ram Pickup truck, is fastened to a black display platform with the name "Dodge Ram" engraved right below the driver's door. It is made by Maisto and is well-constructed.  Incidentally, both doors open for a good peek inside.

Unfortunately, there is no clue as to what year model it is, nor what scale. We'll have to guess at that. I'm guessing it came in a nice display box originally.  Therefore, I will price this as an unboxed toy - even though it has no sign of wear or play at all. $5.00 sounds fair.

Price: $5.00 ~~ in Stock: 1

4.6 oz X 15 cm long X 7 cm wide X 5.5 cm high

Miasto Red Dodge Ram Pickup Truck from above
Maisto Red Dodge Ram Pickup truck - driver's side from the rear
Maisto red Dodge Ram pickup truck front view on driver's side
Maisto red Dodge Ram pickup truck straight on front view

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