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Kenworth T2000 (Black) by KinSmart 1:66 scale

Kenworth T2000 Semi-Cab (Black) by KinSmart 1/66 scale

This Kenworth T2000 Semi-truck tractor by KinSmart is in the 1:66 scale, which is a bit smaller than the 1:64 scaled models. This also does not have doors or hood that open. It is, however, smart-looking and as good as new. It just does not have the original box it came in.

In this same category you will find this model's twin in red. Together, side by side, they make a handsome pair.

Judging by the fact that the embossed information underneath this model says T2000, and the models that I see on ebay are T7000, I guessed this is a much earlier model - though it really does look just like the Kenworth T7000 model. So I did some research and found that the T2000 were made from 1997 to 2010. Therefore, the higher numbers are more recently made.

Also, I notice that there are models that look like this one, but they are shown as 1:68 scale whereas, the embossed info underneath this black model (and the red one I have) says 1:66 scale. Again, I went to do some googling and learned quite a number of interesting bits of info about Kenworth Trucks.

The Kenworth brand, first built in 1960, is nearly two decades older than Peterbilt. However, they have become sister companies, owned by PACCAR. Peterbilt has operated as part of PACCAR since 1958, operating alongside sister division Kenworth Truck Company.

Kenworth and Peterbilt brands both have an exceptional reputation for being dependable, high quality trucks.

PACCAR is a global technology leader in the design, manufacture and customer support of high-quality light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks under the Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF nameplates. In the trucking world these brands have nicknames; K-Whopper is a Kenworth truck. Pete is a Peterbilt truck.

Back to my question about the scale sizes, after several hours of searching, I have found very few of the 1/66 scale. I searched a number of sites, including the ebay.ca site, which did show 1/66 scale when I made a search request. But then I went through 480 models (10 pages), and did not find even 6 of these Kenworth truck cabs in 1/66 scale. Any others were 1/64 or 1/68. Mind you there were a number of small dinky cars and other models in this scale, but no more Kenworth cabs. This leads me to wonder if this scale has fallen out of favour and is no longer used when making diecast truck models. But - Hey! That means these two models I have are quite rare! Something to consider if you are a collector.

If you are looking for a matching pair, one black and one red, check out this other page; Kenworth T2000 Semi-Cab (Red) by Kinsmart-1-66-scale

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[3.8 oz. 5 in/13 cm long X 4 cm/1.75 in X 6 cm/2.25 in high]
(two or three of these Semi-truck Cabs fit into one packing box)

Kenworth T2000 (Black) by KinSmart in1:66 scale, photo from the driver's side.

Kenworth- T2000 (Black) by KinSmart 1:66 scale, facing to right

Kenworth T2000 (Black) by KinSmart 1:66 scale, viewed from rear

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