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ERTL John Deere Implement Hauling Flatbed truck 1:64 scale

ERTL John Deere Implement Hauling Flatbed Truck

This 14 cm long flatbed truck is in fact intended for hauling farm implements. Ah-ha! That explains why the name and logo on the doors is for the John Deere Company. It has a sliding rack on the flatbed to help hold the implements in place. The truck comes with ten tires and a hitch underneath the flatbed in case it needs to tow another trailer behind it.

It is still possible to find this John Deere flatbed truck online but it does take some hunting.

This particular model no longer has it's box, and it has a little paint scraped off the back of the top of the cab. It is not very obvious. However, this makes this a slightly used 'toy' and therefore sells at a bargain price.

Price: $5.00 ~ in Stock: 1

3 oz. X 13.5 cm long X 6 cm wide X 4 cm high
the front of the flatbed  John Deere Truck for farm implements
John Deere flatbed truck by Ertl for farm implements - left side
John Deere flatbed truck for farm implements -view from right side
John Deere flatbed truck by Ertl - view from above the flatbed

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