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Lincoln Continental Owner Club car badge 1953

Lincoln Continental
Owners Club - Car Badge

This handsome heavy metal round badge appears to be made of gold (though I suspect that is an over-lay). It is a Badge that members of the Lincoln Continental Owners Club may put on the front grill of their cars to show that the world that they belong to this very special, and exclusive club.

You don't HAVE to own a Lincoln to become a member. Any enthusiast for this brand of luxury car can join and attend their many Meets, or events, in different cities. In Texas, for example, many members like to gather in some favourite restaurants to visit and swap stories. They feel like a unique family.

You may go to their club website, to see many photos of their  cars and rallies, and discover more about these cars.

This can be fun for daydreamers, but don't let coveting seize your heart in its bony claws. Jealousy can ruin your life.

Tom must have thought that just having this Lincoln Continental Owners Club badge - even if he had no car to put it on, would make him feel like he had a finger in that deluxe pie. Now, you can buy this Badge for a similar feeling.

It measures 90 mm (3.5 inches) across, and has small holes at the left and right sides for attaching to your car grill - if you have a Lincoln Continental. This is a vintage piece of memorabilia, and hard to find. It goes back to 1953 when the club was founded. (Another one was discovered on eBay at over $240! So this one is a prize at $200!)

I have only this one car badge, and no idea where to get another, so when  this is gone - it's GONE!

Price: $200.00 ~~ in Stock: 1

5.6 oz.; 9 cm diameter X .5 cm thick; 3.5 in diameter, X .25 in thick;
(the shipping box could easily contain more items)

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