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Winross Esso Tanker truck right side viewed from above

1994 Esso Happy Motoring Tanker Truck in Winross box

The 1994 Esso Happy Motoring Tanker Truck by Winross was a unique promotional model - and now is an exciting collectible. Winross made these especially created models at the request of the company, usually to celebrate a special anniversary or a big event. These models were not for sale in any other venue. Only Esso could sell or give these models as treasured prizes or gifts.

These models were made to an exact 1/64 scale with authentic fleet colours and the graphics were hand silk screened onto the trucks. Particularly the tanker. Each model has over 100 precision metal parts, and the tires are molded rubber. This is an exact replica of the 1994 tanker truck you would see on the highways delivering fuel to the service stations.

Tom's edition of this model is still in its original packaging in the gift box from Winross. You can study the images to see it from many sides. When the tanker is hooked to the tractor (cab), the full length is 10 inches or 25 cm. This model would make a fine - good as new - gift.

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16 oz. X 18 cm X 18 cm X


Winross Esso Tanker truck - right side view

Winross Esso Tanker truck driver's side view

Winross Esso tanker truck cab front and above view

Winross gift box with Esso tanker truck

Winross box with Esso tanker displayed inside

Winross Esso tanker truck info sheet in  the box

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