John Deere tractor with longer disc drill (viewed from above)

John Deere Tractor with Longer 2700 Disc-Drill

I have paired this 8300 John Deere tractor with the longer 2700 disc drill. It is only a third of the size of the one with the folding wings, but it appears to be made to the same level of good quality construction. (Certainly stronger-looking than the two smaller discs with harrow tines also available in this JD Category.)

Both sides of this disc drill have the gold stenciled number "2700" and "John Deere" so it in a special class. The original farm implement probably does a great job - just as it was designed to do.

Just because I call my backyard garden my "Back 40" doesn't make me a knowledgeable farmer. So I'm willing to be corrected if I get my facts wrong. I do try to research each piece so I can pick up details that may be of interest to you.

I see that this particular disc drill is referred to as the "John Deere 2700 Mulch Ripper." It includes wheels that raise and lower to engage the ripper or have the ability to transport it behind a vehicle. It attaches to most 1:16 scale vehicles. Well! I can see that would be useful after I've had my garden tilled in spring, to soften or fluff up the soil so that my garden plants can more easily put down deep roots. Which would mean I get bigger, better vegetables! (I can't find a way to make the wheels go higher or lower in this model, but then I can see I need the real thing, if only it could get into my garden.)

A brand new 2700 Disc Drill can cost about $30.00. I believe I can let you have both this drill and the tractor for $16.00. Fair enough?

Price: $16.00 Cdn/set ~~ in Stock: 1 set

5.2 oz. - 24 cm long X 8 cm wide X 5 cm high; 9.5" long X 3.5" wide X 2" high

John Deere tractor with longer 2700 disc drill (left side)
John Deere tractor with longer 2700 disc drill viewed right side
John Deere tractor with longer disc drill (viewed from above)

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