John Deere tractor with 637 hydraulic folding disc drill and air seeder

John Deere Tractor with 637 Hydraulic Folding Disc Drill and Air Seeder

This time I've matched the John Deere tractor #8210 with this heavy-duty hydraulic folding disc drill implement. (A larger, stronger tractor might be better, but I'm running out of choices; even with this desk full of green tractors!)

This disc is large, but can fold up the sides for when it must travel on a road, and let traffic go by. There are also two hitches, so it can accommodate whatever hitch the tractor has, or it can be pulled from the front or back. Perhaps even hitch up another implement behind this disc-drill such as this yellow air seeder.

There is a youtube video that goes through the owner's manual, showing how to operate this hydraulic folding disc drill.

But there is more! For the really big farmers, with the huge grain fields, there is an air seeder. That is a big yellow tank which is hitched behind the disc drill and blows seeds into the narrow cuts made in the soil by the drill's discs.

Of course, it is the well-to-do BIG farmer that can afford all this equipment and get their fields seeded in record quick times.

When brand new, these implements, as diecast models - will cost well over $100 - even close to $200 each. Even though there is no sign of wear or tear, though it is considered used when first owned by previous owners, and because the original box/packaging is missing... I think $30 would be fair for the disc drill, and again, for the air seeder. The tractor can be reduced to $13.00. So as a set, I would name the price at $73 for the whole set of 3 models.

You are welcome to check out the 4 jumbo tractors on other pages in this JD category if you think it calls for a larger tractor. However, not all of them have their hitch at the right height for this disc drill.

Price: $73.00 Cdn/set ~~ in Stock: 1 set

12.2 oz.- 39 cm long X a 21 cm wide (or 9 cm when folded) X 8 cm high (folded up);
16" long X 8.5" wide X 3.5" high (folded)

John Deere tractor with 637 hydraulic  folding disc drill n air seeder-4
John Deere tractor with 637 disc-drill with hydraulic wings lifted up
John Deere tractor turning with 637 disc drill with hydraulic wing-lifters
John Deere air seeder

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