John Deere 1765-Flex-Drawn-Planter (side view)

John Deere 1765 Flex Drawn Planter

Online research shows that the John Deere company has made quite a series of these Drawn Planters, each higher number is a newer model and has more fantastic features to make the seeding of farm fields more and more precise and perfect.

My guess is that this model is most likely the 1765 Flex Drawn Planter. Without understanding all the scientific terms, I'm guessing this model matches the photos of the 1765 Flex Drawn Planter.

(I could be wrong!) If you find someone with more technical knowledge of such farm implements, go with the identification they give you.

Apparently, it can sow 12 rows at once, with 30 inch spacing. It is available in 1.6 bushel or 3 bushel MaxEmerge 5 row units. The tanks can hold 1.6 bushels of insecticide. Also, the frame can flex fold up so that it can travel down the road in just one lane.

It seems wise to include the tractor with this implement, as the Planter cannot work by itself. In fact, it is next to impossible to find a diecast model of this particular implement. The one that came the closest was over $68 by itself. So, I think $30 for this "used" set, should be fair.

Price: $30.00 ~~ in Stock: 1 set

4.6 oz/set; 18 cm long X 14 cm wide x 8 cm tall
7 in long X 6.5 in wide X 3.75 in tall

John Deere 1765 Flex-Drawn Planter - side view
John Deere 1765 Flex Drawn Planter with arms up
John Deere-1765-Flex-Drawn-Planter-with-tanks-for-insecticide
John Deere 1765 Flex Drawn Planter with ends folded inward for road transport

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