Case IH 2366 Axial-Flow Combine with Grain Header

Case IH 2366 Axial Flow Combine with Grain Header

It is no wonder that this 1/64 die-cast metal Case IH 2366 Combine with options of a Corn-header and a Grain header was a popular and celebratory model of a combine that transformed harvests on farms all across North America and since then in other parts of the world.

You see, the Axial Flow Combine was the first to cycle air through the augers that drew up the harvest from the field. This made it easier to separate the chaff and plant material from the grain or corn kernels that were the desired harvest - all without bruising that precious harvest! In fact, it was filtered several times this way. That meant that farmers got a far better grade of produce to sell at market, and thus got better prices for truly clean grains, beans, or whatever was harvested with next to no debris mixed in with it!

No wonder that farmers were buying and bragging on their Case International Harvester Axial Flow Combine! Of course, when the factory rolled out the 100,000th such model - it was time to celebrate! The company made that year's model stand out with a decal on both sides that had an elegant blue and yellow ribbon flowing along as if on a breeze. Above that was the lettering for "100,000th Axial Flow."

However, this particle model is not that celebratory one; it must have come just before that. (I do have that special model on another page.)

Price: $20.00 Cdn ~~ in Stock: 1 set unboxed

12.2 oz. X 18 cm. long. X 10 cm. wide X 6.5 cm high/tall
7 in long X 4 in wide X 1.75 in high/tall
in shipping carton: 15.4 oz - 16 cm long X 16 cm wide X 11 cm high;
6 in long x 6 in wide x 4 in high<

Case IH 2366 Axial Floow Combine with grain header (right-front-side)
Case IH 2366 Axial Flow Combine with grain header (right side view)
Case IH 2366 Axial Flow Combine with grain header (left side view)

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