8950 Red Case International  Fwa Magnum Tractor with Dual rear wheels 1:64 scale

8950 Case IH Fwa Magnum Tractor with Dual Wheels 1:64 scale

This 8950 Case International Harvester was one of the last in the Magnum series. Magnums are big favourites with both farmers and collectors of the models.

This diecast model is a popular Magnum model to collect because the earlier tractors in the 7100, 7200 and even the 8920, 8740 Magnums were cast from an older 1/64 scale mold. However, this 8950 was made in a larger size to go better with the Ertl models from other companies like John Deere, New Holland, and White.

The 8950 tractor was a short-run toy as the much bigger MX models were coming out and they wanted to focus on these new models. If you do find an 8950 model in the original hanger with sealed blister-pack, you may pay as much as $46 for it.

It is a historical milestone model. I have just one, in fine condition, but without the original packaging. I'm offering it forĀ a fair $12.00

Price: $12.00 Cdn ~~ in Stock: 1

2.8 oz. 7 cm long X 5 cm. wide X 5 cm. high
2.75 in long X 2 in wide X 2 in high
Shipping pkg: 12 cm X 7 cm X 5 cm.
4.7 in X 2.75 in X 2 in

8950 Red Case IH Fwa Magnum Tractor with Dual rear wheels (right side view)
8950 Red Case IH  Fwa Magnum Tractor with dual rear wheels (viewed from right side)

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