800 Case-O-Matic Drive Diesel yellow-red Tractor close up.

800 Case-O-Matic Drive
Diesel Tractors of 1960

The 800 Case-O-Matic Drive Diesel Tractor of 1960 was something amazing!  The workmanship on the details, the eye-catching, yellow and orange colouring, and the sturdiness of these tractors appeals even to me, who has no great interest or use for tractors at all. These are vintage models made in 1990 by Ertl, though they represent a 1960 original. It is a 1/43 scale, which means it is 3.5" long.

I just watched a company promo video (on YouTube;) where I learned some tremendous history for this tractor that became so much loved and valued by North American farmers. (By the way, the old film makes the orange-coloured parts look purple. You will need to look past that and pay attention to reactions and testimonials of the dealers and farmers.)

The IH Case company had invested vast funds in designing and building this new tractor which was easy to handle, had strength and stamina, and seldom needed repairs. Then they called a great meeting of farm machinery dealers to come to one place, where they watched intently as these shiny new tractors rolled into the arena, and then did tug-of-war tests, and other feats to show off their powers. They sold over $100 million dollars worth of tractors at that convention!

A year later, the company went around to many dealerships and asked to speak to farmers about how the 800 Case-O-Matic had served them in the past year. To a man, their praise was enthusiastic - even from some who were normally men of few words.

Another convention was held in the Bahamas, and many new attachments and tools for lots of farm jobs were introduced together with the 800 Case-O-Matic Tractors. The dealers present were so impressed that they bought over $350 million dollars worth of tractors and implements!

Now I understand why Tom had at least two of these tractors in perfect condition, and when I checked online these models, the 1/43 scale, are selling for $50 or more, boxed or unboxed. The 1/16 scale models are selling for about $240 and up to one I saw that was still in its original box - marked at $571. (Actually, that was being bid on at eBay, so it may have gone higher before it sold!)

I have two identical copies of this model tractor, the 800 Case-O-Matic Diesel engine, and though I don't have the original packaging, I think it would be fair to price them at $40 each.

If you are a farmer, or from a farming family, you likely have personal memories of riding and using one of these tractors. This would make a sturdy long-lasting souvenir!

Price: $40.00 ~ in Stock: 2

4.2 g. /4.2 oz. 9 cm. long. X 5 cm wide X 5.5 cm high.
3.5 in long X 2 in wide X 2.25 in high

800 Case-O-Matic Drive Diesel yellow and red tractors (2)
800 Case-O-Matic Drive Diesel yellow-red Tractor - left side close up.
800 Case-O-Matic Drive Diesel yellow-red tractors - both rear and front views
800 Case-O-Matic Drive Diesel  2 yellow-red Tractors - from side views.

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