thumb=Dub City (Jada Toys) '85 Cadillac Brougham in emerald green with white top - view above skylight

Two DUB City (Jada Toys)
Collector Models - as set

Two DUB City (Jada Toys) Collector Models -may be purchased as your starter set of the complete set of 12 models. Here this will include;

1. The DUB City (Jada Toys) ’85 Cadillac Brougham in Emerald Green with White Top. It is 1:64 scale, and a very sedate, and regal 2-door vintage car. There is a sun-window in the roof, and the meticulous detail makes it attractive to people who remember that era.

2. The Dub City (Jada Toys) Cadillac Escalade Dub City Fire Dept. 1:64 scale, is quite the car for the Battalion Chief of the Fire Dept. The upper part – the hood and roof is read, and sides of this vehicle are black with large, vivid flames blowing back as if the car is  racing very fast to a fire.

The blister packs comes with some extra goodies. There is a collector card in each, the back card info of one promotes a magazine on the site, which is described as the authoritative voice for the urban automotive universe. It spotlights exceptionally customized and exotic vehicles and focus on their equally intriguing drivers. The other one indicates that sealed in the package is a puzzle and that you may collect 12 from all the models in the set.

The models in the complete set include; Cadillac Escalade, Chevy Impala SS, Ford Expedition, Cadillac CTS, Ford F-150 Super Crew (that’s a truck), and GMC Yukon Denali (that’s a deluxe SUV!) You can also collect; ’90 Lincoln Town Car, ’99 Chevy Silverado Dooley, ’95 Cadillac Brougham (the car in this pack), 2005 Ford GT, and an AC Schnitzer S3.

Both packages are still sealed up and in mint/new condition.

I’m selling these individually for $12 each. However, from this page - you can buy both at once for $20, saving $4.

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...for Both Models!

Price: $20.00 ~~ in Stock: 2 models as a set

5' Cadillac (emerald green): 3.8 oz 20 cm long X 15.5 cm wide X 4 cm. thick
Cadillac Escalade: 4.4 oz. 20 cm long X 15 cm. wide X 4.5 cm thick

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