Ertl Case International Corn Planter 1/64 Die-cast Metal Farm Implement.

$6.00 Plus PST for Saskatchewan customers

This Case International Corn Planter, here an Ertl 1/64 diecast model, used air pressure to force seeds in a steady flow to be seeded. It also spread fertilizer!

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This Case International Corn Planter, here as an Ertl 1/64 diecast model, was quite a farming wonder in 1986. It used air pressure to force seeds in a steady, constant flow to be seeded in several rows at once. It also spread fertilizer at the same time!

I also heard one young man, a farmer’s teenager, brag from the tractor he drove as he seeded a field of corn, that he was suppose to drive at medium speed, but this was working out just fine – even if he went at full-speed.

This air-seeder was most popular from 1986 to 1993. (I suppose soon I’ll be learning about all that the newer models can do!)

New, still in their sealed blister-pack, this model is selling for anywhere from $16-20. But… since this unpacked, and previously owned by my brother Tom, I’m selling it as an unboxed toy.

In fact, I will include an extra model with this one. This extra implement in the photos has what appears to be an eternal chain that goes round and round. I suspect it could sow seeds on a farm too, – if it were a full-sized model. But since I have not been able to determine what it is exactly, nor what it should do, I’ll include this with the above corn planter and sell them together for $6.00 Cdn. plus postage.